Triangles II - Segnali

Triangles II - Segnali

9 trumpets of the same pitch

Triangles II-Segnali (2010) is the final in the Triangles series but is titled as number II because it is actually a rewritten version of the second in the Triangles series (1988), which was never performed or published.

All of the Triangles pieces (see the list below) are about timbre and space, with the performers being placed on the stage in the form of triangles of different types for each version. The first three works in the Triangles series are based on a seven-pitch set (plus two additional pitches) derived from the opening notes of a trumpet solo in the theme music of a popular American television show I watched regularly as a young person, and which, for some inexplicable reason, I have never forgotten.
(performance video available on YouTube listed under "Thomas Stevens Trumpet")

Thomas Stevens,
Spring 2010,
Los Angeles, USA

Editions Bim
Reference #: TP307
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