Four Little Pieces (2005)

Four Little Pieces (2005)

4 tubas

Duration: 8'50
Level: Intermediate
Composed in 2005
Genre: Contemporary

1. Madrigal (1'10) - 2. Chorale (1'30) - 3. Song for Victor (4') - 4. March for JPS (2'10)

Four Little Pieces for tuba quartet (or other bass clef instruments)
The Four Little Pieces consists of four brief original works inspired by the music of four composers, whose lives ranged in time from the 16th century's Thomas Morley, to Johann Sebastian Bach, to Victor Ewald, and, finally, to the 20th century's march king, John Philip Sousa, who was also known for inventing the Sousaphone, an instrument a little of which has been said to exist in the blood of all tuba players. 
The music is as diverse as it is brief, and has been written to add one more musical offering to the growing tuba ensemble repertoire but can also be played by other bass clef instrument, especially bassoons.
Thomas Stevens

Editions Bim
Reference #: TU100
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