Aria con Variazioni

Aria con Variazioni

tuba and piano or tuba and strings

tuba and strings( or piano
Duration: 5'
Level: Intermediate-Advanced
Composed: 2006
Genre: Contemporary

The «Aria con variazioni» is a theme and set of variations for tuba and any keyboard instrument of choice. The variations are based on an original melodic theme by Georg Fr. Handel, (1685-1759) which itself was re-harmonized for this piece.

The tuba as we know it was not developed as a musical instrument during the Baroque and Classical music periods and as a consequence, there is no solo repertoire for the instrument from those times save for modern day transcriptions of works originally written for other instruments. In 1989, the «Variations in Olden Style» for solo tuba and string orchestra (Editions Bim TU8b/c), or solo tuba and piano (Editions Bim TU8a) was written with the express purpose of providing tubaists with an original work in the baroque period style. The working models for the work were violin sonatas of Corelli and certain keyboard compositions of Handel.

The «Aria con variazioni» has been composed with the same spirit of purpose as the earlier (Variations in Olden Style) work, but in this instance it is more in the classical period style, with the working models being early string trios/quartets and sonatas of Franz Josef Haydn.

Thomas Stevens, September 2006

Editions Bim
Reference #: TU113
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